ID Arterial System

Aortic Arch aneurysms and dissections represent an immediate danger to the patient. The usual techniques – extra-corporeal circulation, open surgery – are unsuitable for some patients, particularly aged and multi-pathological patients.

For those patients, the usual techniques give relatively disappointing results, approximately 18% mortality/morbidity.
Thanks to a revisited surgical procedure, based on several approaches, ID Arterial System brings a 100% endoscopic response, which is compliant, faster, easier and much less invasive.

ID Venous System

Several hundred million people throughout the world suffer from syndromes linked to poor venous return.
The culprit in numerous cases are venous compression and deep vein thrombosis. These well known syndromes are none the less poorly treated by the techniques available on the market when they involve bifurcations.

In deseased bifurcations, ID Venous System brings the concerned veins back to their native diameter whilst retaining their functionality. Blood flow disruption are minimized and there is no obstacle to hinder any subsequent intervention. ID Venous System targets are Deep Vein Thrombosis, Post-Thrombotic Syndrom and Vein Compression.