About us and the ID-NEST Medical inception.

The observation

ID-NEST grew out of an observation made in 2010 by Prof Nabil Chakfé that the available endoprostheses were not suited to the treatment of Aortic Arch aneurysms in the weakest patients.

In particular, the available endoprostheses were difficult to put in place at the branches. In addition, the systems used to interconnect “parent” endoprostheses and “branch” endoprostheses were not very effective and even fragile on occasion.

The solution

In 2010, Prof Nabil Chakfé designed a device that resolved the connection problem, using different approaches for the “parent” endoprosthesis and the “branches”.

Prof Bernard Durand, his scientific associate from more than 20 years, brought his mechanical expertise to bear to create an initial T-shaped stent prototype, made of two separate parts that could be connected in situ.

This system was easier to implement and the connection made presented far superior compliance.

In 2013, Dr Philippe Nicolini saw an excellent solution in the T-Shaped concept to treat indications of venous compressions with no effective solution: May-Thurner and nutcracker syndromes.

ID-NEST was incorporated in 2014

The decision to create ID-NEST Medical was made in 2014, after the concept had been refined during an incubation phase at SEMIA (incubator in Alsace).

Several players joined the project :

Christophe Tézenas du Montcel, who has been active in the project since 2010, brings more than 20 years of experience of the vascular implants markets acquired in a US group.

William Wiecek contributes as a specialist in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, with more than 25 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry.

In addition to these Operational Partners, the ID-NEST Medical team currently has three salaried employees :

Aude Petitjean, QA/RA Manager

Antoine Duret, R&D Manager.

Aurélien Legall, Validations Manager

Pr Nabil Chakfé

Founder of ID-NEST
Scientific Consultant

Head of Vascular Surgery and Renal Transplantation Department

NHC Strasbourg, France

Dr Philippe Nicolini

Scientific Consultant

Head of Vascular Surgery Departments

Clinique du Grand Large in Décines (France)

Clinique du Parc in Lyons (France)

Christophe Tézenas du Montcel


MBA – 20 years' experience in the implantable vascular medical devices sector

William Wiecek

Operational Director

25 years' industrial experience in the implantable medical devices sector

Aude Petitjean

Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs Manager

ISIFC Biomedical Engineer (University of Franche-Comté)

Antoine Duret

R&D Manager

10 years’ experience in Industrial Design (Hager, Siemens)

Aurélien Legall

Industrial Validation specialist – HealthCare environment